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Greene Consulting has partnered with five premiere universities offering a unique CFP® Certification Education Online Program.

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online CFP training program

Why an Online CFP® Program Certification?

A CFP® professional is an individual who has a demonstrated level of financial planning technical knowledge, has a 4-year degree as well as experience in the field, and holds to a client-centered code of ethics.​

The industry continues to become more competitive and investing in your personal career will yield benefits. The industry standard for Wealth Management & Financial Planning is the CFP® Certification.

The CFP® certification continues to gain ground as a standard in the financial services industry for not only those already in the financial services business, but also for career changers as well.

Why Choose Us?

Just a few of the reasons students consistently choose our program:

Exceptional Pass Rate
of 83%

Our pass rate for the CFP® Exam exceeds the 60% National Average.

Your Personal CFP® Professional Advisor

A certified CFP® professional to answer any of your questions.

A Comprehensive

Platform includes lessons, exams, study guides, and more.

Unlimited Online Access

All courses are available 24/7 for
21 months.

Designed for Mobility

The only CFP® program designed specifically for mobile devices.

Money-Back Guarantee

15-Day 100% "no questions asked" money-back guarantee.

Program Options


Self-Paced Online CFP® Program

The program is delivered through our online, interactive education platform and provides for maximum flexibility and enhanced learning.

Successful completion of all seven courses meets the educational requirements (a bachelor’s degree in any subject is also required) for achieving CFP® certification.


Instructor-Led Online CFP® Program

The Online Instructor-Led Program is an ADD-ON to the Self-Paced Program. It combines the best of both worlds.

You will receive our extensive CFP Board-registered, Self-Paced Program, combined with a Every two weeks, 7pm - 9pm online session with a live instructor who will lead you through all the complex topics you’ve been studying.

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