Call Features of Bonds

Which of the following statements concerning the call feature of a bond is not correct?A. If it is freely callable, the issuer may retire the bond at any time.B. If it is noncallable, the issuer may retire the bond prematurely by repurchasing it.C. If the bond carries a deferred call, the issuer may not retire [...]

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Good to Know: 4 Dangerous Gaps in Long-Term Disability Coverage

Saying “I have a long-term disability policy” is very much like saying “I have a car.”  There’s a big difference between a new Mercedes S-Class and a 40-year old AMC Concord (for any Millennials reading this, the Concord was manufactured just after the extinction of the dinosaurs by a now-defunct automaker). Here’s my point [...]

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Taxable Income to the Employee

An employee is currently in receipt of taxable income in which of the following circumstances?A. The employer makes an irrevocable, formally funded promise to pay the employee $300 per month for life, beginning at age 65, provided the employee does not terminate service prior to age 65.B. The employer makes an unsecured promise to pay [...]

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Which of the following individuals need to register with the SEC under the Investment Advisers Act of 1940?

Which of the following statements concerning potential disadvantages of S corporations is (are) correct? (1) If the business continues to produce losses after the start-up period, the shareholders’ basis in their stock might become exhausted, and, then, additional losses would not be tax-deductible. (2) The receipt of significant amounts of passive income by an S [...]

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Regulation Best Interest Rule and the CFP® Board

On June 5, 2019, The Securities and Exchange commission adopted the Regulation Best Interest Rule, along with other rulemakings and interpretations.  These actions were designed to enhance the quality and transparency retail investors’ relationships with advisors.  Concurrently, the CFP Board has made changes to the CFP Board Code of Ethics and Standards, which become [...]

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