CFP® Certificants in the News

This blog is dedicated to CFP® Candidates, especially those planning to take the CFP Board Exam soon. What better place to begin planning than planning to pass the CFP Board Exam? By the way, hope is not a plan. Hope is a wonderful quality but we need a specific, sequential plan to pass the exam. The following excerpt from CFP Board’s “5 Habits of Successful Candidates” can help develop a specific and sequential plan.

Habit 1: Develop a Study Strategy

“Before you dive into preparing for the CFP® Exam, take the time to create a study plan that will support your learning style and help you overcome challenging areas. Make a plan that will work for you and commit to it!

Think about how you learn best and develop an approach to studying that will play to your strengths. Before purchasing your study materials or enrolling in a review course, research your options to find a program that will support your learning style and fit your timeline. As you create your study strategy, consider the Major Principal Topic areas that will be covered on the CFP® Exam. Make sure you know which topics will be challenging for you so you can spend extra time on those areas.

As you study and review, think about the practical applications of a concept. How would you use the concept you are studying in a real-life situation with a client? This approach can help you get a better grasp of the financial planning process as a whole, which is a crucial piece of passing the CFP® Exam.

It can also be helpful to find a study partner who is also preparing for the CFP® Exam. You can help each other understand complex topics and keep each other accountable throughout the preparation process. You can also connect with candidates, find study tips and seek advice from others on the path to certification at the CFP Board Candidate Forum.”

Learn more about the remaining four habits at 5 Habits.