CFP® Certificants in the News

CFP Board joined the American Institute of Certified Public Accountants, the Financial Planning Association, and 13 other organizations nationwide to support the Freedom to Invest in Tomorrow’s Workforce bill (the bill) currently being considered in the House of Representatives.  Refreshingly, the bill has broad bipartisan support from more than 65 co-sponsors in the House.  According to one of the bill’s sponsors, the Act “emphasizes how important it is to remove the financial barriers to obtaining the in-demand skills of a 21st-century job market. By expanding the use of 529 account funds for postsecondary training expenses, we can ensure businesses are equipped with a skilled and innovative workforce who can drive our nation’s economy forward.”

According to the CFP Board, “The bipartisan legislation would permit owners of 529 plans to use those savings for fees and expenses required to obtain or maintain recognized postsecondary credentials, including professional certifications. As such, the legislation would allow individuals to use 529 funds for expenses and fees associated with obtaining or maintaining CFP® certification.”

Read the full text of the bill here and contact your representatives to express your opinion.


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