Benefits of Accelerated Online CFP Programs

With any new endeavor, there is always the question of whether or not you’re qualified.  It’s no different when beginning the CFP® Certification process.  For all of the career changers, or even those who only have experience in one of the major areas, there’s a concern that you’ll need some kind of base of knowledge regarding financial planning.  The good news is that this is not the case.

Because of the self-paced nature of the online program, it allows for starting at the very beginning on every topic, assuming the student has absolutely no base of knowledge.  This approach ensures that every student will be exposed to everything they will need to know to not only be successful in the program, but be successful on the CFP Board exam and in their practice.

Accelerated Online CFP Program Benefits include:

  • Self-paced nature allows tailored learning
  • Students are able to spend time in areas where additional study is warranted
  • All topics  give a foundational knowledge  – even for those new to the business
  • Students are able to get assistance from an Advisor at any time

If you’re already in the business, or have familiarity with many of the topics, this allows you to pick and choose where you think you need to spend the most time.  If you’re well educated on the basics of life insurance, you can spend minimal time on those topics and spend your time on topics you may not be as comfortable with.  It’s a style of learning truly designed for every level of learner.

So, can anyone do the CFP® Certification Education Program?  Absolutely.  With a self-paced online program, your education needs will be met, whatever they are.