The CFP Board has launched its Spring 2021 Public Awareness Campaign.  The focus of the campaign is to raise awareness of the value of the CFP® Certification and the peace of mind that comes from having a CFP® Professional help prepare a financial plan.

The Board has been running awareness campaigns since 2018 – seeing the total awareness of CFP® Certification rise to 85% in 2020 among the target audience.

From the CFP Board, the highlights for 2021 are:

  • TV (March 29 – May 30): Our “With a CFP® professional” ads will air on national cable television networks and broadcast networks, including ABC, CBS, CNN, Fox News, MSNBC, Golf Channel, ESPN and Food Network, among many other media outlets. The TV ads include both :30 and :15 spots designed to optimize engagement, reach and frequency. Videos of the TV ads are available for viewing and sharing at
  • Streaming Video: With the ongoing shift from cable to streaming video channels, accelerated by the last year’s COVID-related media trends, we have taken advantage of platforms like Roku, Apple TV, Hulu and others to reach those who use streaming services.
  • Radio (April 12 – May 23): Radio ads and sponsorship messages will air on popular NPR shows such as "Morning Edition" and "All Things Considered," as well as NPR podcasts such as “Planet Money” and “How I Built This”.
  • Online (throughout the Year): Online banner ads and online videos will display on popular websites where consumers get news and information about current events, finances, sports and entertainment through the prime campaign period. Paid search engine marketing (Google and Bing), which is always active, will be increased during the campaign period.
  • Social Media (throughout the year): Organic social content is ongoing on our Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn pages. Paid social media advertising during the campaign period will include Facebook, Instagram, YouTube, and LinkedIn.
  • All of the campaign's advertisements and communications lead to our consumer website,, where consumers can find financial planning information based on where they are in life and search for and contact a CFP® professional. The website was redesigned and relaunched in December of 2020 and includes updated content and a modernized interface with a mobile friendly design to improve user experience, educate consumers on financial planning concepts and provide resources to find and evaluate CFP® professionals.


To learn more about the CFP Board’s Awareness campaign, please visit