CFP Board Pass Rates—July 2022 Exam

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This article will summarize pass rates, note consistency with prior exam results, and highlight demographics related to the July 2022 CFP Board exam. We begin with pass rates.


  • First-time exam takers scored an average of 69%, compared to 67% (March 2022) and 62% (November 2021), and
  • Repeat exam takers scored an average of 54%, compared to 58% (March 2022) and 48% (November 2021).


Testing Site—about 9 of every 10 examinees took the exam at a brick-and-mortar test site.

Age—interestingly, most of the exam takers (71%) were relatively young at under 40 years of age. A full 36% of exam takers were even younger—below age 30.

Motivation—7 of every 10 examinees cited “becoming more skilled at their job to better serve their clients” as the primary motivation behind seeking certification.

Employer-Support—70% of examinees received some level of support from their employer.


Click our CFP® Curriculum when you consider CFP® certification. You’ll discover a select few of the reasons our students’ pass rates are much higher than the averages discussed herein. Data for this article was taken from historical pass rates, Exam Statistics, and CFP BOARD ANNOUNCES JULY 2022 CFP(R) CERTIFICATION EXAM RESULTS


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