In the past few years, through extensive research, the CFP Board identified a need to better educate the general public about the need for financial planning and the unique advantages that can be provided by CFP certificants. In response to this need, the CFP Board has undertaken a large advertising and awareness effort to inform the public. One great example is a commercial you may have seen:

The Board has also created a website, intended for the consumer. Here people can find information about the following:

–        Why a financial plan is important for everyone

–        How to get started on a plan

–        Where to find a CFP® Professional

A two-pronged approach of making the public mindful of the CFP® Certification and, at the same time, of the need for comprehensive planning has been incredibly successful. The CFP Board has reported that more consumers than ever are aware of the certification, and CFP certificants have reported an increase in potential clients approaching them. Good news for both the consumer, who will increasingly seek the services of a professional to secure the future, and for the continued growth of the certification.

If you are interested in pursuing CFP® Certification, consider enrolling with one of our great partners. The Self-Paced Programs are accepting enrollments at all times and our new Instructor-Led Online Program will begin on June 12th.

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