CFP Board Relaunches “LetsMakeAPlan”

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CFP Board press release, December 16, 2020

Relying on extensive consumer research and user testing, Certified Financial Planner Board of Standards, Inc. (CFP Board) recently launched its redesigned and updated consumer-facing website, (LMAP). The refreshed website includes updated content and a modernized interface with a mobile-friendly design to improve user experience, educate consumers on financial planning concepts and provide resources to find and evaluate CFP® professionals.  CFP Board partnered with Heart + Mind Strategies LLC to conduct an intensive consumer research study from June-September 2020 to inform the redesign of the website. The research found that consumers preferred that LMAP provide content that enables them to gain a better understanding about financial planning, information on how to evaluate the best way forward with a financial professional, and guidance in searching for a CFP® professional that fits their circumstances.

CFP Board constructed the new website to account for these areas. CFP Board expanded LMAP’s content to cover topical knowledge and guidance that consumers are seeking from a financial planner, including retirement planning, investment advice and management, and tax and estate planning. The resources for finding and evaluating a CFP® professional also feature an updated set of questions to prepare consumers for a possible engagement with a financial planner, which can be used as the basis for a conversation with a financial planner.

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