CFP® Certificants – Strong Growth in 2019

The results are in.

According to CFP Board’s January 15, 2020, report entitled CFP BOARD REPORTS STRONG GROWTH IN 2019, the Board summarized the results of key diversity programs as follows:

“The Certified Financial Planner Board of Standards finished the year [2019] with very strong numbers, reflecting the results of CFP Board initiatives as well as the dynamic performance of the financial planning sector as a whole. At year-end, CFP Board reported 86,378 CFP® professionals, up 3.9 percent to more than 3,000 above 2018, with significant gains in female, African American and Latinx CFP® certificants.”

Leading the charge in growth were impressive diversity gains. For example,

  • [The number of] Female CFP® Professionals “broke the 20,000 mark for the first time…”
  • Black and Latinx CFP® Professionals eclipsed the overall 3.9% growth rate with an impressive 12% growth.

CFP Board Chief Executive Officer Kevin Keller attributed these gains to “CFP Board’s focused effort to improve diversity in the profession” and observed “The effort is reflected in the expanding profile of CFP® certificants.”

In closing, the report gave us an insight into future outreach efforts as follows, “In addition to more effective outreach to women and people of color, overall growth of CFP® professionals is attributed in part to the focus by CFP Board to encourage and support firms that are moving towards more holistic advice models, requiring advisors hold the CFP® mark…”

The report may be accessed at this link: CFP BOARD REPORTS STRONG GROWTH IN 2019