CFP® Certification—A Competitive Edge

CFP® Certificants in the News

According to CFP Board, “more than 10,000 firms across the U.S. are employers of CFP® professionals, and with good reason.” The chart below testifies to the explosive growth of clients that prefer working with a CFP® Certificant in 2023, rising dramatically to over eight of every ten clients from only two in ten in 2011.


Also according to CFP Board, “Consumer demand for the certification is robust, with 76% of consumers not working with a CFP® professional intending to do so.”  Joseph V. Maugeri, Managing Director of Corporation Relations opines that “Firms have become more intentional and strategic about the designations their advisors hold — recognizing that all are not created equal.”

Financial advisors and planners need a sound understanding of the competitive edge of joining the ranks of highly-trusted financial professional. Get that sound understanding through our CFP® Curriculum when you consider CFP® certification. You’ll discover a select few of the reasons our student pass rates are much higher than the national averages.