The CFP Board has announced that starting in November 2014, the national Board Exam will be computerized and shortened to 6 hours.  The current exam is given over a two-day period, totaling 10 hours, and on a scantron.

An ongoing concern of the CFP Board has been the number of students in Approved Educational Programs who choose not to take the Board Exam.  Shortening the exam and switching to a computer delivery is intended to help stem that tide.

Other important points:

  • The exam will now be 6 hours – all taken in one day
  • The number of questions has been reduced from 285 to 170
  • There will be 250 testing locations across the country
  • Each testing window will be 5 days long
  • Preliminary results will be immediately available, with final results available within 1-2 weeks

To learn more, you can visit the CFP Board’s FAQ on the change.