Closing the Gender Gap in Financial Planning

CFP® Certificants in the News

Laura J. LaTourette, CFP® recently posted “How Women Can Help Close the Finance Gender Gap” on CFP Board’s Let’s Make A Plan website.

According to Laura, “The disparity between the number of women and the number of men in the financial services industry has been a point of discussion for decades among my friends and colleagues.”  Laura encourages our profession to help close the gender gap through the following strategies:


“…[We] need to focus on helping other women join the industry. Financial planning is one of the best professions and career paths for women of all ages. I’ve seen women of all ages enter this field and find success.  Through formal and informal mentorship, many of us in the industry are actively working hard to advise women early in their careers to choose to work in the industry or to change career paths if they are not fulfilled in their current professions. If you are seeking mentorship, the CFP Board Mentor Program is a good starting place to connect with someone who can help guide you to reach your full potential in the financial planning profession.”


“Growing the number of female CFP® professionals has never been more important as it is now. Women are making significant strides in their personal and professional financial lives. Today, women are the main influencers of how a dollar is spent, and we are generally the savers for rainy days, vacations, emergencies and our children’s needs. According to Fortune Magazine, there are more female CEOs than ever before. This progress is powerful…[Women] should see financial planning as a profession that promotes equality and offers them the same opportunities as men.”

WIN Council

“CFP Board is focused on diversity and inclusion, as are many other companies and associations in the financial services industry right now. While CFP Board has seen impressive growth in the number of CFP® professionals in recent years, the percentage of female CFP® professionals has remained flat at 23% for at least a decade. To promote diversity in the profession, the CFP Board created the WIN Council. The Council advises and assists in the development of initiatives to increase the number of women entering the financial planning profession, including the number of women who pursue CFP® certification.”

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