Opportunities for Financial Advisors

CFP® Certificants in the News

What do an aging financial advisor community and an increasing demand for financial planning tell us? According to CFP Board, our profession needs a talent pipeline; CFP Board is supporting this effort in three ways:

We’ll summarize each resource now. Text in quotation marks is taken directly from the related resource.

Guide to Careers in Financial Planning

This guide may resonate with career changers and those just finishing their degree program. It’s been said that career success begins with wisely selecting your first job and you will find the following to help you do just that:

  • “Identifies different entry points and typical career tracks,
  • Explores the types of companies that employ financial planners, from large to small,
  • Highlights the personal and professional benefits of a career in financial planning, and the benefits of obtaining CFP® certification,
  • Provides details on where to find financial planning careers, including questions to ask in a job interview.”

Center for Financial Planning

This guide is a strategic resource for building a long-term career in our profession and is based on a five-step career development strategy example as follows:

  • Analyst,
  • Associate Advisor,
  • Service Advisor,
  • Lead Advisor, and
  • Partner.


You’ll find ten scholarship opportunities such as:

  • The LeCount R. Davis, CFP® Scholarship for qualified Black or African American students and professionals,
  • The Richard B. Wagner Memorial Scholarship Fund for diversity in our profession, and
  • The Deena Jo Heide-Diesslin Foundation Scholarship for students with financial need from underrepresented populations.


Be sure to leverage these resources to help you establish and advance your career.