CFP® Certificants in the News

You’ve heard it said that “you must be present to win.” That expression was never truer than in passing the CFP Board Exam. However, you no longer have to be present in person at a testing center to take the exam. On July 16, CFP Board issued a press release making a remote proctoring option available for certain examinees. According to the press release:

“In response to the COVID-19 pandemic, CFP Board announced today it will add a remote proctoring option for the upcoming CFP® Exam to take place September 22-29, 2020. This testing option will be offered in addition to the traditional testing center options provided by CFP Board’s testing administrator, Prometric. 

Eligible candidates will include those who need to travel more than 50 miles to a Prometric testing center. Candidates who have a health concern will also be eligible. All eligible candidates for the remote proctoring option must meet technology requirements.”

In addition, the press release went on to offer the remote proctoring option for the November 2020 CFP® Exam as well. Additional information is available at Remote Proctoring faq.