Validating and Measuring Competency

CFP® Board Updates

For the past decade or so, the CFP Board has been putting an increased emphasis on the importance of being able to validate and measure competency for CFP Professionals.  While the certification itself signifies that someone has mastered the required body of knowledge, that knowledge alone isn’t enough to truly become a proficient financial planner.

What is the CFP Board doing to validate and measure?  In the most recent revision to the Principal Knowledge Topics, the Board took a new step and sought to identify and validate competencies that financial planners use and include them among the topics.  In addition, the board released the first Financial Planning Competency Framework.  This framework identifies the knowledge, skills, and abilities that enable CFP® Professionals to achieve high performance.

This effort by the board to integrate knowledge and competency will lead to elevated performance of CFP® Professionals with their clients, and an increased recognition of the marks.

To learn more about the CFP Board’s efforts in this area, click the link below for a recent article by CFP Board CEO Kevin Keller.