CFP® Certificants in the News

According to a January 11, 2021, report by CFP Board,  “…nearly 1 in 5 CFP® professionals reported that clients leaned on them as a financial therapist first and a financial planner second [in 2020]…”.

Other key trends were reported by CFP Board, including:

  • The rise of virtual financial planning
    • “Advice is now transportable as planners and their clients can connect while located hundreds, or thousands, of miles apart.”
  • Renewed interest in contingency planning
    • “If a firm did not have a contingency plan prior to the pandemic, it is important to establish one moving forward to prevent disruptions in service.”
  • Increased awareness that change is constant
    • 2020 has no monopoly on change. Financial planners will need to be especially vigilant as President Biden’s 2021 tax, spending, stimulus, and international trade policies are implemented.

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