The CFP® Exam continues to evolve from the topic-based rubric of the past. Prior exams were built from a pre-set mix of questions from Fundamentals, Risk Management, Investments, Income Tax, Retirement, and Estate Planning.

The CFP® Exam now focuses on eight “Job Task Domains.” Six domains mirror the six steps in the financial planning process while Communications and Professional/Regulatory Standards round out the list.

A full 60% of the March exam was expected to focus on: 1) Analyzing and Evaluating Client Financial Position, 2) Developing Recommendations, and 3) Professional/Regulatory Standards.  Anecdotally, the testing focus expected from CFP Board publications was profoundly manifest in the March exam.

Take this tip for passing the CFP® Exam. Develop a strong knowledge of the Financial Planning Process and a thorough technical competence.  Synthesize that knowledge and competence to advise hypothetical clients within regulatory and ethical standards.

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