Part 3: How Do the New CFP Certification Education Requirements Impact CFP Board Exam Challengers?

How Do the New CFP® Certification Education Requirements Impact Exam Challengers?

Before answering the question, let’s first address what is an “exam challenger”?

Most people who hold the CFP® Certification have gone through the process of enrolling in and completing an educational program at an approved institution. However, if you meet certain requirements, such as holding certain academic degrees and credentials, e.g., CFA, CPA, ChFC, CLU, Ph.D., you can apply for challenge status. This means you can take the CFP Board exam without going through the educational program course.

So then, how do the changes impact exam challengers? If you have already taken the exam as a challenger, you may continue to register for and take the exam without completing the new Financial Plan Development Course. However, if you have not yet taken the exam, then you must enroll for this new course at one of the approved CFP Board educational providers.

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