Study for Your CFP on the iPad, iPhone or Tablet Device

Have you ever been in a public setting and noticed how many individuals are looking at their mobile device? Try this some time and you will be amazed at how our society is increasingly looking for “information on the go.” Times have changed from the days of in-class CFP® Certification Education programs being the only option. In today’s technological age, the way individuals are obtaining information through common tablet devices such as the iPad or iPhone have changed the Certified Financial Planner education program marketplace for good.

Through the consortium of university partners and Greene Consulting, this Online Financial Planner Program was originally designed to give individuals the flexibility to study away from their computers. As the technological landscape continues to change, it’s vital to “meet students where they are.” In doing so, we are excited to announce the capability for students to study for the national CFP Board exam away from their computers through the use of the iPad, iPhone or other tablet device.

Join us in celebrating this new capability and leave a comment to let us know how we can continue to provide the flexibility you need to be more effective in your Certified Financial Planner educational experience in this new mobile environment.