Course:  Insurance Planning
Lesson 4: Homeowners Insurance

Student Question:

Is there a definition for personal injury as noted under the personal injury endorsement?


The personal injury endorsement expands the Section II liability coverage to include “personal injury” and “bodily harm, sickness or disease.”

How does this vary from bodily injury that is covered without an endorsement?



Instructor Response:

Hi Matthew,
Great question.  The National Association of Insurance Commissioners defines these terms as follows:
Personal Injury Liability – Liability coverage for those who have been discriminated against, falsely arrested, illegally detained, libeled, maliciously prosecuted, slandered, suffered from identity theft, mental anguish or alienation of affections, or have had their right of privacy violated.”  The personal injuries are therefore discrimination, false arrest, libel, malicious prosecution, slander, identity theft, mental anguish, alienation of affection (look that one up for a chuckle) and violation of privacy rights. 
Bodily Injury – Physical injury, including sickness or disease to a person.”
You might also refer to “Liability Exposures and Insurance” in your Insurance Course, Lesson 3.
Let me know how completely this addresses your question.
Onward and Upward,