Student Question of the Week: Ownership of EE Bonds

Student Question from Pam F
Course:  Fundamentals of Financial Planning

Student Question:


My question deals with a situation where a grandparent buys EE bonds for a grandchild and both the grandparent’s name and the grandchild’s name are listed as owners on the bonds.  In that situation, would the bonds be counted as the child’s asset for college financial aid purposes?

Instructor Response:

Hi Pam!

Great to hear from you!

I believe the crux of the question is if the bond is in the name of the student and grandparent, then what happens in regards to financial aid.  If so, that’s a very good question.  An EE bond registered in the child’s name as either a single owner OR co-owner is going to be counted as an asset of the student.

If you have any other questions here, please let me know!