Styles of Learning:

  • Online vs. In-class
  • Visual vs. Auditory
  • Self-paced vs. Scheduled

In our normal conversations with both prospective students and current students, it is abundantly clear that we all learn in different ways.  That was brought very clearly to my attention in two phone calls I had one afternoon.  The first student, whom we will call Eric, was interested in enrolling in a CFP Certification Education program that would allow him to fit the program around his schedule.  He also said he was primarily a visual learner, needing to read and see examples and other graphics.  For Eric, it was all too easy to tune out someone lecturing on a topic.  So for Eric, the best way to effectively and efficiently complete a program would be self-paced online.

Shortly after speaking with Eric, another prospective student called, whom we will call Jane.  She was looking for a program that would allow her some flexibility, but within the context of a scheduled setting.  She further said that while reading and seeing material is a start for her, she was concerned that for more complex topics she would need someone talking though the material to enhance her understanding.  So for Jane, knowing her own style of learning, the best type of program would be one that helped her stay on schedule and offered regular instructor-led sessions.

These are just two examples, but there are many other nuances to how we all learn.  Therefore, it’s incredibly important that with something as important as CFP® Certification Education that we find a program that is going to be a great fit for our specific style of learning.  The programs offered by Greene Consulting and our University partners are designed to meet every style of learning.

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