Greene Consulting CFP® Certification Education Has Gone Mobile!

Greene Consulting, along with our university partners, is proud to announce that our Certified Financial Planner Program has gone fully mobile!

Our partners include:

We have just launched the availability of our entire online CFP program on Tablet devices. In addition to all lessons and study guides being available for printing, they are now also available in ePub and PDF mobile format. This means our program is truly accessible at any time, from any device!

Whether you want to access the program at your desk, on your couch, on the plane, on the train, from your computer, from your iPhone, Android Phone, iPad, TouchPad, Playbook or any other device, or if you simply want to print the lessons out and read them, you can do it all with our new mobile resources tab.

Our Mobile Resources tab centralizes the accessibility of our lessons, providing an easy and intuitive way to transfer lessons from the online platform to the device of your choice. No other CFP® Certification Education program provides the same.  To preview the Mobile Resources tab and get access to three actual lessons from our online CFP program, click on the school of your choice below and then click ACCESS FREE LESSONS.

To learn more about our new mobile resources platform or our online CFP® Certification Education programs, please contact Michael Sorrow at 404-324-4600 or Dan Madden at 702-851-5848.